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With comicsness all around me once again and a heightened swell in my bones for all things popular and cultured, I’m re-impacted with the smell and the sound and the taste of all the stuff I love the most and I’m seriously psyched to continue sharing and musing and debating upon these things with you all.

I’m back!  I’ve been away… but now I’m back.  I’ve been in a place where comic-culture is a distant and evasive pursuit.  I’ve been in South Africa on a farm in the Western Cape about 5 hours’ drive from any small chance of even seeing a comic book.  I was able to access the internet on an actual computer from time-to-time between adventures so, I did (kind of) manage to read the headlines and keep my pinkie on the pulse, to a point.

But mostly, I’ve been gathering a mass of curiosity and excitement geared towards catching up on exactly what the hell is going on in the nerdscape.

The day I arrived home in smokey London — after a 26 hour journey and possibly the best nap I’ve ever had — I made my way to the Comic shop.  A sweaty wad of Great British pounds in my sky rocket and a quickened haste in my footsteps.  After perusing and purchasing my picks, I finally hold in my possession a new handful of art and story to consume and keep… and I can’t wait to get home and indulge, since I haven’t seen anything ‘comics’ in some time.

Realising just how lucky I am to live so close to some of the best comic shops in the whole world having spent some time away, I’m walking to the tube through Leicester Square with music in my ears and a smile on my face.  When, suddenly I’m mobbed by a horde of camera-wielding maniacs all sprinting straight through me toward a commotion at the main ODEON cinema on the Sq.  I look around – still with music in my ears — to see Iron Man 3 posters lining the square, a special edition Audi R8 parked out front… and an excitable Robert Downey Jr waving his arms to a school of fans all dressed as their favourite Marvel characters and right before my eyes.

After weeks of nothingness on the comics front, I now find myself proudly clutching a stack of new books in one hand… while I’m unbelievably waving the other at bloody Tony Stark.











Downey Jr was excitable and gracious as he played and toyed with us fans.  He grabbed up a small boy from the front of the crowed and sat him in the R8, he was happy to take pictures with the growing group of fans and he stayed outside with us for quite some time.

There’s no way this movie won’t do incredibly well and it looks to have grown in scale and scope once more since the second instalment.  A wealth of new talent and a bigger, more dangerous-feeling story seems to raise the stakes on an already established amount of cool.  I can’t wait to see it, looks serious, and what a moment to stumble upon in a daze of half-asleep zombieness on a dusky Thursday evening in London Town.

I’ll take that as a “welcome back”.


PS: Please check out my WebComic!  I’ve posted 4 new pages on site since my last column and can see a notable drop in my traffic without prompting you (very kind) CBD readers to click through from here.  Please read it, love it, hate it… and then tell me.  Whatever man 🙂 let me know what’s up, I’d love to hear what you think.

Good to be back.

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