This Week In Panels #2: February 19th, 2010

Pete looks at some of the best panels from this week's comics. This week's includes a very Liefeldian Mark Bagely, Michael Lark and the amazingness that is Sean Murphy.

This Week In Panels includes spoilers, and plenty of them. So consider this your warning. You’ve been warned, so don’t read it unless you’re willing to be spoiled. Got it?

Context is for the weak here, so just sit back and enjoy some beautiful art, and some wonderful moments via some of comics best and brightest creators.

JLA #42
JLA #42

Mark Bagely does his very best Liefeld impersonation with James Robinson’s New Gods from another-dimension. Right down to the gritted teeth on Orion.

Blackest Night Flash #3

At what point did Scott Kollins become one of the more exciting artists working in superhero comics. He has a talent for mixing mundane with super-heroic.  Big fan.

joe the barbarian #2
joe the barbarian #2

Okay, I’m not really ready to review Joe the Barbarian yet, I think it’s going to take at least four issues before I can really explain what it is that makes this book completely and utterly special… but I’ll try here. Morrison is only as good as his artist, his scripts can rise or fall depending on how imaginative and adventurous the artists is willing to get.

Sean Murphy is a revelation in this issue. While the first issue was a very slow waltz, filled with long tracking shots that would make PT Anderson blush, this issue was a Clash song – filled with references to every artform and culture a comic fan would be familiar with and a few that we wouldn’t.

This series is something very special… if this panel of a Samurai Rat slicing attacking haunted leather jackets doesn’t move you, I pity your childhood.

atomic robo and the revenge of the vampire dimension #1

I just want to know who that is in the picture frame on his desk.

invincible #70

My theory about Invincible goes like this:

One storyline sets up the status quo.


Next storyline sets up the new status quo.


Amazing Spider-Man #621

First off: Michael Lark is drawing Spider-Man. How cool is that? Michael Lark could draw the Flintstones and I’d check it out. He’s just that awesome.

Second off: Dan Slott should just be given Spider-Man full-time. Of all the Spidey-brain-trust past and present (since Brand New Day) he’s literally had the best handle on the character and his stories are the best of the bunch. I find myself waiting between story arcs for Slott to come on so I can continue reading what I feel is THE Spider-Man story.

Finally: How awesome does Lark’s Harry Osborn look? Look at him flipping those pancakes.. good times.

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