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The Walking Dead #100

When any book hits a milestone, it's routinely momentous and deserving of a measured amount of fan fare. With its 100th issueThe Walking Dead, co-created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, hit such a milestone with its July 11th release, accompanied a wealth of media hype, fan hype and more covers than can possibly be necessary. Yet in a case like this, what matters is the comic itself, as regardless, in the end, a book needs to stand on its own.

Don’t Hate The Walking Dead

It is a funny thing that sometimes when a comic book becomes popular it attracts a lot of negative feedback. That isn’t to say that it might not deserve the negative feedback (I’ve hated lots of popular things), but sometimes…

Four Minutes of Walking Dead

AMC has released the first trailer for their new show, The Walking Dead, realized by Frank Darabont and based on Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series. The show premieres with a 90 minute movie event on Halloween, appropriately enough.

Robert Kirkman Launches Skybound!

Writer and Image Comics partner Robert Kirkman has launched Skybound, an imprint designed to recruit and showcase the next generation of comic creators. Announced in today’s New York Times, Skybound will make its official debut on Thursday during Kirkman’s Comic-Con…

Meet the Youngest Walking Dead

A new casting update for AMC’s The Walking Dead, this one for the pivotal role of protagonist Rick Grimes’ son, Carl. He’s going to be portrayed by Chandler Riggs, who is a bit of a newcomer to acting. Throughout the…