Play with it Sheldon!

Toy collectors are a demanding lot; they collect the package as much as the toy and they demand perfection in both.

Opening up a toy to play with is simply never considered. How can it be “Mint in Box” if it’s opened and played with?

So how do you get a toy collector to play with his toys? You get Spock to talk some sense into him.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted what is destined to be a classic clip that speaks to a whole culture. In the clip Spock (Leonard Nemoy’s voice through a Spock toy figure) urges Sheldon to open a vintage Star Trek Transporter toy and play with it.

I get the sense that it will take more than one “logical” argument for playing with the toy to turn a collecting culture around though. I can see fans sitting at home yelling “don’t do it Sheldon, don’t do it”!