Superman: The Movie that is a far ways off.

Superman is so crazy.

If you thought the recent shake-up/rebranding of DC Comics into DC Entertainment might mean that a Superman movie was being developed… don’t. MTV News spoke with Diane Nelson, the new head of DC Entertainment, and she said that the Man of Tomorrow probably won’t be there for another few weeks.

We’ve obviously done a lot of great things behind the property in our history, and it’s a key part of the family, but we don’t have current plans behind Superman,” she said, no doubt in a fairly erotic manner. (I’m sorry I find her very attractive*.)

This is sort of strange news as there has been a few reports that seem to suggest that The Wachowski Bros’ protege James McTeigue would be directing the movie.  There’s been much made lately about the Superman film franchise – especially after the (is it too soon to call it disasterous?) outcome that was Brian Singer’s Superman Returns on top of the the fact that Warner Bros  is still bound by the courts to get a Superman films into production by 2011 or lose control of the franchise.

So.. shouldn’t Warners’ be in at least pre-production as we speak? The idea of a rushed Superman film doesn’t really bode that well, but at the same time – maybe Mark Millar’s clout (and WB’s desperation) will finally get his idea of a Superman trilogy off the ground!

Yes the picture to the right has nothing to do with anything – but man did I laugh when I found it. (Plus the whole caption of: “He Still Continues to Labor” is kind of fitting right?

*Oh Hey there Diane...

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