Today(ish) in Twitter – Friday, January 22nd 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

I’d also like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Erin Rowe – one of the hardest working women in show business!

Warren Ellis Friday has got her little hands around my neck in the worst way

Geoff Johns Okay. Just heard Frank Quitely IS doing a cover for GREEN LANTERN. That. Is. AWESOME.

Franco Francavilla Good morning, signori e signore 🙂 Some more work to do before hitting the road. Need to finish to color this cover for example.

GailSimone Think of how much better Joanie Loves Chachi would have been if Warren Ellis had played Chachi. @realscottbaio is no Warren Ellis!

Bryan Hitch So today: Cover for Marvel, some layouts for a massive fight scene in Finale, baby consultants at hospital and dinner with Mark Millar. One cat is out of the bag: AVENGERS FINALE by Bendis and me. 64 pages, April. FYI, just had the the most amazing email exchange with Joe Q about new projects after my paternity leave. Can’t wait!

Dennis Calero My favorite onion headline ever was, in giant front page type, ” SHITLOAD OF MATH DUE MONDAY”

Dan Mcdaid Read (and enjoyed) Joe the Barbarian. Sean Murphy – ultrawow. Felt very smug when I worked out what Joe’s problem was. That’s sad, isn’t it? The only thing that annoys me is that it’s such a smart, elegant idea – and I didn’t think of it first. Damn you, lazy muse!

Bill Willingham Last night I dreamed an entire Friday. Woke up thinking it was Saturday already.

Byan Lee O’Malley as I was falling asleep last night had a waking dream about the kids at Hogwarts becoming obsessed with the Twilight books. man all the teachers at Hogwarts would be pretty pissed when all the girls started squeeing over Edward Cullen. does the fact that i can picture this whole story as a little episode mean i am writing fanfiction in my head?

Vertigo Comics Vertigo: Graphic Content – Exclusive first look, FABLES: WEREWOLVES OF THE HEARTLAND cover!:

Dr Comics A page a day: Tintin Vol.8 Tintin And Alph-Art by Herge p.217 on which the Thompson Twins and Captain Haddock experience exploding cigars. It is truly wonderful to see Herge’s pencils in the published version of Tintin And Alph-Art. They show that sudden moment of creation. Comparing the pencils in Tintin And Alph-Art to the finished art in other Tintin stories is quite an insight into the process of completion. The rough pencil drawings in Tintin And Alph-Art have a raw energy and immediacy to them as if they are flowing out of Herge onto the page.

Chris Eliopoulos Plot for Pet Avengers #3 sent in last night. Issue #1 almost done. Wonder if I’ll be done with #4 before the first issue comes out.

Gail Simone The truth about Birds Of Prey? It’s going to feature only MISFIT and JOSH! Take THAT, universe!

Chris Weston Alan Davis’ run on Detective Comics #569-575 (DC Comics, 1986–1987) is criminally overlooked… and pure gold. I think it’s his best work.

Matt Fraction the finks rally! hold fast! fight hard! somebody bring back ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, now!!!

BeaucoupKevin Someone’s taken the MarkAndrew/JOE THE BARBARIAN review model and applied it to ASTERIOS POLYP: (PS> Hilarious.)

Ross Richie RT @allanfb #Irredeemable is Superman minus the dedicated (or maybe suffocating) altruism. Awesome. @BOOMStudios @MarkWaid

Stephen Wacker When Conan O’Brien met Spidey in Mythos: Spider-Man by Jenkins and Rivera.

Mike Hawthorne First day of inking the “Game Changer” book, and I’m a nervous wreck. Feel like I’m gonna throw up. This book is that important.

Tim Seeley The desire to get a Hack/Slash statue has seemingly overridden all other desires or focuses. Except for desire have nekkid variant statue.

Karl Kerschl Serge is making zombie versions of us with his new iPhone and the ‘Zombie Me’ app. Here’s me: And here’s a zombie version of @sergelapointe with his daughter. Genuinely disturbing.

Skottie Young Spending the day trying to develop an all pen graphic style. it’s a challenge but fun. We’ll see if I can pull anything off

Gail Simone You know what’s awesome? How anyone who objects to racism, homophobia or misogyny is labeled as ‘not getting the joke.’ Nice one, bigots!

Cameron Stewart Montreal has a surprising number of attractive female police officers

Chris Samnee Today’s blog post: Oodles & oodles of The Mighty doodles.

James Robinson Jann and I had a great time with @jamessime and @kirstenbaldock seeing the Artful Penetration of Barbara. Film while ostensively a 60s skin flick, has really interesting compositions, editing and music. Very Nicolas Roeg in feel. Thanks for the invite guys. Lot of fun.

Sean Phillips Working on the final episode of Criminal: The Sinners today…

Andy Belanger Spilled speed ball ink all over pants yesterday and was reduced to wearing gym class shorts. A day later and I want to do it again?

Paul Tobin I’m catching up on e-mails while @colleencoover plays Mass Effect and sings Stevie Wonder tunes. Fair?

Cameron Stewart Today is the day I finish Batman & Robin.

Ramon Perez my take on @skottieyoung ‘s bernard the world destroyer, plus some news on cons and projects…

Paul Pope Been re-reading the early Love&Rockets by Los Bros. It’s stunning how great they are, such classics. Yet totally fresh. I love ’em.

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