Today(ish) in Twitter – Friday October 30th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Mike Kupperman The meaning of “glory hole” has changed greatly since the fifth century.

Gail Simone Parents get mad when I give their kids tricks AND treats, especially when the ‘tricks’ are groin kicks and pepper spray.

Erik Larsen Somewhat torn about trades. I don’t particularly want to force readers to buy the same thing twice or to encourage people to wait for them. The Walking Dead TPB collections are bare bones–they don’t even include the covers–and they seem to do just fine. On the other hand it is nice to get something additional if you do feel like making the jump to collecting trades. Maybe I’ll do bare bone standard trades and add stuff to books if they’re in a larger format like Marvel’s Omnibus or DC’s Absolute collections.

Jill Thompson Can’t wait til it gets dark so I can light these suckers up!

Ray Fawkes The more I work at writing and art, the more I think that it needs to be done in silence, without fanfare, without gimmicks.


Faith Erin Hicks Dear comics, I love you. Will you be my partner in crime for the next 90 years? Circle yes/no. Love, Faith.

David Lafuente I’m drawing the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN scene that everybody’s been dying to see since I got the gig

Steph Buscema Growing in bangs is slow & painful torture. Basically, you have to look like cousin IT for 4 months before you can do anything with it.

Jock Couple of shots of @andydiggle @driis and myself at MCM this past weekend, via @JoelMeadows1 THE LOSERS

Michael Avon Oeming Selling art! Powers, Doom, Surfer, Highlander!

Tom Peyer Rushdie: if you don’t horn in on my territory by writing comics, I won’t horn in on your territory by writing well.

Warren Ellis Hey, Paul Pope’s new screenprint set–an homage to the Italian master Guido Crepax–just went live:

Jason Aaron Someone up there is apparently looking to wash Kansas City off the face of the earth. Am building a raft of DVD cases & Batman comics.

Matt Fraction Wife and child innoculated against the aporkalypse. Ducal signet ring secreted away. Bloodline secure; the spice must flow. I might have mixed the start of my day and the start of DUNE a little bit.

Jonathan Hickman @mattfraction – you’re gonna have to take the water of life, dude. The sleeper must awaken.

Steve Ellis Just saw the Avatar trailer…it looks pretty neat. Looks like Magic the Gathering brought to life.

Tommy Lee Edwards Putting the final touches on the top secret cover for top cow.

Skottie Young art tip: If you don’t know why you’re adding spot blacks, don’t add spot blacks. They have a purpose other than just being “comic booky”.

Jamie McKelvie Comic artists: Unless your character is supposed to be intentionally lame, please avoid giving them tribal tattoos. Thanks.

Hope Larson My life is full of dramatic tension, lately. McKee would approve.

Roger Ebert (Not technically comics.. but he linked Iggy Pop.. that’s awesome.) Iggy Pop sings “Autumn Leaves”

Dan Slott Brain-hurty-Friday. Need my last two scripts, a thesaurus, and a soda. (The soda is key. Think of it as carbonated-brain-lubricant.)

Rob Liefeld A little of everything today, Deadpool, Image United, Youngblood movie, Armageddon Now film and comic….not enough time…

Ray Fawkes A commission:

Jeff Parker Now I wish I could find that Brian Blessed interview where he talked about chasing the dwarves around on the Flash Gordon set..

Brad MeltzerJust read @Geoff Johns Secret Origins. Yes, GL and BL are killing right now. But this is just emotional gold. So awed by it.

Matt Fraction This issue of UNCANNY XMEN was brought to you by Baroness and Jay-Z. Those words have never appeared in that order anywhere before just now

David Hahn I really get bugged when one freak snowstorm has some people calling global warming a myth. Clearly, it’s angels pillowfighting.

Jill Thompson a whole new website to make me LMAO

Marv Wolfman After a 976 hour flight (or so it seemed) I’m in Winnipeg for the Central Canada Comic Con. Yay. In the mall is a clinic giving FREE swine flu shots to Canadians. Despite all my “ay’s” they didn’t believe me. But they said I can have one anyway. Free. I want to go to here all the time.

Jamie McKelvie Take heart, fellow artists – look at the progression JH WIlliams has made over the years:

Cameron Stewart Arrived in Lille, France for the comics festival this weekend. The city is larger and much prettier than expected. The view from our hotel room:

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