Today(ish) in Twitter – Friday, October 9th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Paul_Cornell just sorted through options and agreed with editor Nick on which aspects of Leonard Kirk’s Nate Grey redesign options we pick. I love it!

Skottie Young: Wonderful Wizard of Oz spends a 3rd week on the New York Times Best Seller List moving up from #3 into the #2 slot.

Skottie Young I love that we broke into a list filled with gritty, dark, crisis filled, death of charcters, war stuff with a straight up book for kids!

Joe Quesada Been invited by MLB to be one of their featured Twitterers during the playoffs. @Matt Fraction will be joining in as well.

Paul Cornell is really pleased that there’s some Faiza Hussain/Captain Britain fan fiction!

Tommy Lee Edwards Some color progress on those horses I posted yesterday. Deadline now Monday. Slightly more realistic. Should sleep

James Robinson Phillip Tan rocks. B&R 5 art was wonderful.

Eric Trautmann The best part of writing an opinion column? The people who decide you’re not entitled to an opinion because it differs from theirs.

Eric Trautmann And for the record: FRINGE is a stupid fucking show.

Andy Diggle Marvelites! Send your thoughts on DAREDEVIL 501 to our new DD letters page: [email protected] (please mark your email “Okay To Print”).

Brian Michael Bendis today i already learned that powers own @Eliopoulos used to letter the Kid n’ Play comics!

Ramon Perez my last days in poland…

Tim Seeley I enjoyed me some HAUNT #1. Good story, cool storytelling tricks, and a guy who pukes out his Spider-Spawn costume. Yes please.

Gerry Conway Second night in a row I’ve gotten only five-six hours sleep. Expect much yawning, hallucinations.

CB Cebulski When inkers have downtime, I always recommend they do samples over as many different pencilers as possible. They should also… (cont.)

CB Cebulski …keep in direct touch with pencilers, talk to them & find out how they like to be inked & show them how good they are to work with. Bond!

Len Wein Still in NYC. Going to see Hugh Jackman’s show tonight as his guest. Then tomorrow, south for Baltimore Comicon. Come see me there, ok?

Bill Willingham And for the record, I am not Twittering or Tweeting, or anything of the sort. These are micro-posts. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Warren Ellis And, yes, it appears that I am a screenwriter now.

Andy Diggle I’m writing Daredevil and a horde of ninjas taking down an NYPD SWAT team. And they pay me for this! I love my job.

Sean Phillips @Andy Diggle I just pity the poor artist…

Dennis Calero a lot of us met Paris Hilton last night, and apparently, she was a sweetheart. goes to show you…

Jock putting a couple of finishing, finishing touches on HELLBLAZER PANDEMONIUM today, as well as concept work…

Jonathan Hickman There’s an unannounced Marvel book I’m working on right now along with SW and FF. I’ve written a pitch, a draft of the first issue…

Jonathan Hickman And done some sketches – I also can say without a doubt that it’s the first step towards elevating comics to something better than…

Jonathan Hickman Snozzberry moon explosions. And cherry coke. And Nobel Peace Prizes.

Paul Pope Looking at trend topic–moon. Idiots think Nasa is going to blow up the moon.

James Robinson Just saw Bolt. Maybe because I have a dog like that and Jann has a cat like the cat, but hell I loved that movie. I’m getting soft – I need to watch a Viking movie, 70s kung fu flicks and some German shizer porn. Sterling, you borrowed it weeks ago, aren’t you done yet?

BrianReed Tonight, @jengrunwald won the internet:

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