Today(ish) in Twitter – Wednesday, January 27th, 2009

twitterToday(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.

Geoff Johns Happy Birthday @seanpphillips 🙂

Chris Samnee @seanpphillips Happy birthday, sir. Hope you enjoy your much deserved day off.

Andy Diggle @seanpphillips You STILL don’t look a day over 44.

Sean Phillips Thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s also Frank Miller’s and Richard Starkings’ birthdays today.

Hope Larson Most days I need 1 shot of espresso/page of comics drawn. Today is no exception.

Ramon Perez have to take a break from working on kukuburi to have a meeting about #TCAF… being organised is time consuming!

Cameron Stewart Iwillnotbuyanewvideogame1daybeforegoingtoFranceIwillnotbuy

Karl Kerschl I elevated my drawing table so I’m sitting with my back straight and the difference is incredible. I wish I’d done this ten years ago.

Axel Alonso Fraction’s “Game of Death” kicks.

Phil Lamarr (Voice of Samurai Jack, MadTV alumnus) Cracking Open @BillWillingham‘s “Peter & Max: A Fables Novel” on my day off = Geek Heaven

Chris Eliopoulos If my wife thought me listening to the Close Encounters soundtrack was bad, she’d plotz hearing the Blade Runner soundtrack playing now.

Karl Kerschl If Ramona Flowers has dated 7 (that we know of) evil guys in a row, then chances are pretty good that Scott Pilgrim will turn out evil too.

Kate Beaton today, I am trying to do watercolors for the first time, as a test. I am pretty bad, so far.

Gail Simone Writing Wonder Woman Vs. Power Girl is FUN. I’m so glad I decided against digging ditches for a living!

CB Cebulski Marvel hired 144 new creators in 2009. How many writers? How many artists? Check out last year’s talent breakdowns here:

Brian Michael Bendis At the airport and heading to new York city. Marvel retreat!! I got more notebooks full of stuff than hickman!!

CB Cebulski Dear up-n-coming writers, if you get a comic published & do interviews, ALWAYS remember to credit/name check your artist & creative team!

Brian Wood My kid is running around in silver pants and no shirt. She looks like David Bowie.

Paul Pope Pencilling/inking the cover for Electric Ant #2 today– it’s a sexy one!

Chris Samnee Today’s blog sketch: THE LIZARD!!

Mark Brooks I think Spaghetti is just lazy pizza.

Rob Liefeld Lovin’ the new Avengers line up. Excited for the start of Marvel’s Heroic Age.

Chris Eliopoulos This morning, listening to the E.T. soundtrack as I script some Pet Avengers. Perhaps draw up a strip later–broadcast?

Bryan Lee O’Malley Here are some French reader testimonials re: Scott Pilgrim

Bryan Lee O’Malley this has probably gone around a lot, but: 80s hand-drawn game design art from Legend of Zelda!?!!

Brian Michael Bendis Ok, uh, @jasonaaron ‘s beard just felt me up

Matt Fraction @jasonaaron‘s beard can only be described as “whore-stabbing”

Andy Diggle While you’re picking up DAREDEVIL 504 and THE LOSERS, why not check out @RobWilliams71‘s new ROBOCOP comic! Your move, creep…

Fred Van Lente Off to big Marvel Retreat. Or, as my wife calls it, “Comics Camp”.

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