Upper Deck cutting up vintage comic books as inserts?

Upper Deck produces a lot of novelty cards for a bunch of different fandoms from TV shows to movies to comic books. In each box of cards, they usually include some kind of chase item whether it be a sketch card or a swatch of clothing from an actors outfit worn on a TV show. Well, icv2.com has reported that Upper Deck’s latest promotion for their Marvel Beginning’s trading card line are going to be panels cut up from iconic Marvel comic books and pasted onto cards.

Dumb idea or really dumb idea?

They’ve got the list so far pegged at:

Amazing Spider-Man #2
Amazing Spider-Man #4
Amazing Spider-Man #6
Amazing Spider-Man #9
Amazing Spider-Man #14
Amazing Spider-Man #18
Amazing Spider-Man #25
Amazing Spider-Man #50
The Avengers #57
Daredevil #181
Is it just me or does this seem like a terrible idea? Stuff like sketch cards and autograph cards I can understand as they are something new that is being created for the set. But cutting up a comic book to glue onto a card and promoting as a rare one per case deal? While I don’t think they’re going to be cutting up near-mint copies of these books, but it still seems like an oddball promotion. Then again, maybe they’re doing comic dealers a favor by taking copies of these comics out of circulation! I would much rather own one of the signature or sketch cards that are packed in at a one per box ratio. I can’t see any deep pocket collectors wanting these as well the cost of a case is probably more than just buying a copy of the book in question.  I haven’t seen an official press release from Upper Deck talking about these but I hope it all turns out a hoax as the reality just seems too bizarre.
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David Diep

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