Warren Ellis: Sitting In a Dark Room ….The Trailer!

image courtesy of Joe Killian

A trailer has been released for Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, the newly announced feature-length documentary about by Sequart and Respect Films, the folks behind Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods.

“Oh god,” Ellis wrote this morning on his blog. “The trailer made it to YouTube, and people are taunting me with it. Let’s get this over with. I have, at best, a face for radio. Unfortunately, I don’t have a voice for radio. This is horrifying and I don’t want to look.”

Ellis is one of the few people that I would listen to no matter what – and since I’m fairly positive he pretty much spends all his time in a dark room, chain smoking cigarettes, doing shots and drinking red bulls – this is the closest i’ll ever come to getting to sit across Mr. Ellis and hear him berate me.

The documentary is scheduled for completion next year.

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