Xander talks Season 8

Nicolas Brendon, more commonly known for playing Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, made fans ‘whoop’ with delight at Wizard World Toronto.

Brendon talked to fans at the Wizard World Toronto comic con this Saturday.

When Brendon heard Buffy was going to be a comic “he thought it was great.” He loves to see what he looks like in cartoon form and knows the fans love it.

Most importantly he knows “it keeps interest in the show.”

He said “It’s almost like Joss knew he was going to do a comic afterward. And, you know, what comic book character doesn’t look awesome with an eye patch.”

Brendon also admitted that none of the original actors were approached to do voice work for the motion comic that came out more recently.

“I mean why wouldn’t they hire us? Maybe they were afraid of the cost of it,” he said, citing the 2004 Buffy The Vampire Slayer cartoon. The show, written by Jeph Loeb and Joss Whedon, turned out to be a non-starter and was not picked up by a network.

Brendon joked jovially with the crowd, fidgeted around, and hid for the most part under a hat and sunglasses. He did however show his face to the audience and stand up long enough to do a quick ‘snoopy dance’.

He said he’ll probably do another one or two episodes on the hit TV series Criminal Minds.

But amongst jokes like – “I think that Xander wanted to put his penis in Buffy. And Xander wanted to put his penis in Willow’s head. Equally- but one was more of a monkey love.”

Obscure statements like – “I was supposed to play Captain Tightpants, that was actually written for me. Joss came to my trailer and was like ‘ I just want you to kn0w that I’ve written a show for you’ and it was called Serenity. And a year later he had a deal with FOX, he came to my trailer and was like FOX is making me do it now and I was in season seven,” he said about allegedly turning it down.

It’s hard to take him serious about anything. Citing a bad cold and codeine for his erratic behavior, Brendan appeased fans by talking fast about times past. Overall, it worked for him. For this reporter, I got shades of Charlie Sheen.

Alexa Tomaszewski
Alexa Tomaszewski

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