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ComicLink Fall Featured Auction 2014 Original Art

The ComicLink Fall Featured Auction 2014 Original Art session ended last night. There was a large amount of items, over 650, and Featured Auctions are supposed to only have art expected to fetch $500 or more. A lot of great material was sold with some big dollars for the usual suspects. As always let's take a look at five pieces that are on the lower end of the spectrum, or as we art buyers like to think affordable.

Web Arted Aug 31st Fan Expo 2012

OK, this time around it’s not really from around the internet but from around Fan Expo 2012. As always I picked up a few pieces of comic art, commissions or items the artist had in their portfolios for sale. No…

Hawkeye #1 Variant by Adi Granov

This one may be more a “technically incorrect” cover versus our normal crazy covers: Hawkeye issue 1 variant cover by Adi Granov. I am a compound bow owner and target shooter so there’s some experience speaking here. Take a look…