Web Arted Aug 31st Fan Expo 2012

OK, this time around it’s not really from around the internet but from around Fan Expo 2012. As always I picked up a few pieces of comic art, commissions or items the artist had in their portfolios for sale. No sources are listed since they’re from my personal collection.

This was the show stopper for me: a stunning watercolour rendition of Loki by Esad Ribic. I was in line for Adi Granov and saw what Ribic was doing as show commissions so I hustled over to his line next.

The second colour work I picked up: The Black Widow by Adi Granov. Not sure about this one, although the use of colour is wonderful; Granov had completed a stunning Black Widow the day before that I had seen so I asked for one myself. I really wanted a classic Nick Fury but Granov said he wasn’t drawing hands as they took too long so Fury holding a Steranko-ish gun wasn’t in the cards.

I was very excited to see Faith Erin Hicks at Fan Expo and see what she had for sale. As an up and coming star her art prices were very reasonable so I made a few purchases. This was in her portfolio: a very clean and humorous rendition of her webcomic character Superhero Girl.

My second Faith Erin Hicks piece. Another portfolio item, at first Hicks didn’t want to sell and told me to check back with her Sunday to see if she was willing to let it go. I did and was very happy to take it home.

I brought along some reference pages of a few non typical characters: Buck Rogers, Blonde Phantom, that kind of thing. Ramon Perez seemed the perfect fit for a non traditional comic show sketch and was excited to try his hand at Buck Rogers, with great results.

Herbie by Faith Erin Hicks. This piece isn’t mine and I so wish it was. I put in the request to Hicks on behalf of a friend and when I picked it up I was blown away by how great she was able to mix her style with Ogden Whitney’s.

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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