All printed comics replaced with digital

“The Dandy launches sound and motion digital comic to celebrate 75 years in the biz”…  and stops printing books on actual paper all together. On December 4th 1937, DC Thomson began publishing the most successful comic in Britain. To this day,…

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Undervalued Spotlight #109

Doctor Who and the Daleks (Movie Classic #12-190-612), Dell Publishing, December 1966 Here’s another submission from Undervalued Spotlight stalwart Mike Huddleston. Mike sure knows how to pick winners and this week’s submission is no exception, it’s another keeper. Mike was…

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Doctor Who?

Doctor Who began in 1963 and dazzled a UK TV audience immediately.  Seven actors played the Doctor on TV before the show was sadly dropped in 1989 after a very strong but, waning  first run.   Following a (publicly demanded) TV…

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