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Indie Comics Feature #1: ‘Teuton’

I love independent comics. It's a sentiment that's grown exponentially over the last 18 months since I've been with Crystal Fractal Comics and have gradually over time come into contact with a number of Toronto-based comic creators, as well as many across the 905 belt.
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Episode 19: Final thoughts on Fan Expo 2012

Sitting back for a moment and really considering this past weekend’s event, it’s difficult to be particularly upset with Hobbystar’s event planning. Despite a Toronto Star report citing the displeasure of several thousand fans who waited in line until 3…

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Just A Thought | Big Sexy Comics

While trolling through artist alley at Fan Expo, I came across Big Sexy Comics. Big Sexy Comics is an independent comic company and their head writer and mastermind happens to be a guy named Fred Kennedy. Many of our Toronto…

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