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Batman Year One Animated

Being one of my favourite origin stories I was anxious to see Batman Year One translated to the big screen. A classic story by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, focusing on Bruce Wayne and James Gordon as they adapt to…

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Thor on Blu-Ray Sept 13

This summer’s blockbuster hit Thor comes to Blu-Ray and DVD Sept 13/11 (also available on 3D combo pack). The Blu-Ray comes with 80 minutes worth of extras, but more importantly it comes with 20 minutes of deleted scenes that include…

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X-Men First Class on Blu-Ray & DVD Sept 9

X-Men First Class is available on Blu-Ray and DVD tomorrow (Sept 9/11). Some of the special features include Cerebro Mutant Tracker (a BD live feature), X Marks The Spot (an “in-film” feature that includes bonus scenes and making of featurettes),…

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