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Joe Shuster Awards 2016

The 12th Annual Joe Shuster Awards were presented November 6th at the Forest City Comic Con in London, ON. I’d like to thanks the Shuster Awards organizer Kevin Boyd and all the volunteers and members of the committees for their…

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For this column I’ve chosen to step outside of my normal mandate and talk a little about that period that came after the WECA Period (Robin Hood Comics Vol. 1 No. 1 and Better Comics Vol. 1 No. 1 in…

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Ted(d) Steele

Ted(d) Steele With April Fool’s day just passing by, I want to bring attention to perhaps the quirkiest comic creator from the WECA period, Tedd Steele. Theodore Arthur Steele was born on April Fool’s Day, 1922 and his creative juices…

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