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Covered 365: Day 228

Four Color #228, Eastern Color, May 1949. Artist: Bill Ely. Bill Ely gives us some fine grace and elegance on the cover of Four Color #228, great perspective too. David Mazzucchelli nails the mood of Purgatory, a great issue from…

Covered 365: Day 220

Daredevil #220, Marvel Comics, July 1985. Artist: David Mazzucchelli. I really like David Mazzucchelli’s cover to Daredevil #220. There are two effects he’s going for here with the haziness of the light in the fog and then the fog itself.…

Born Again

So, I was looking through one of my bookcases full of graphic novels, artists profiles, Jack Kirby Collectors et cetera, for something to peruse and ran my fingers across the TPB of Daredevil Born Again. My finger stopped. My mind…

Web Arted #284

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last few days: Kubert, Messmer, Romita Jr., Mazzucchelli, Wrightson.

Review | Absolute Batman: Year One

ABSOLUTE BATMAN: YEAR ONE presents one of DC Comics’ most lauded tales in two hardcover volumes contained by a slipcase. The first volume will reprint the recolored version of the story from previous collected editions, remastered with new, high-resolution scans…

Frank Miller

52 weeks. 52 different writers. 2 trade paperbacks or hardcovers a week. Each week I’ll take a look at a different writer and read two different collected editions from within that person’s repertoire to help in the examination of their work. The one and only Frank Miller is this week’s featured writer, as we glimpse at his unique style of crime stories for superhero books.

Batman: Year One

I reread a masterpiece this week. Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's Batman Year One. Batman # 404 -407 was as refreshing and exciting this time as it was the first time in 1986.