I think I’m starting to get a bit paranoid now, I think I may have posted one or two of the below pages, remember I’m not keeping track so call me out if you find one and I’ll add an extra one next week,

My old pal Trace who runs Eclipse Paper Restoration in Winnipeg was actually working on a copy of 1939’s Top Notch Comics #1 when he spotted this amazing inside front cover splash and was kind enough to think of us and send it in. The comics.org site does not credit an artist but I’m assuming it’s Edd Ashe and Eddie was drawing the character over in the Blue Ribbon title. Whatever happened to Rang-A-Tang? Maybe this octopus ate him.

David Mazzucchelli did a fantastic job on Frank Miller’s Born Again arc in Daredevil, easily in my top three superhero arcs ever. This splash from Daredevil #228, March 1986.

You know I don’t own a copy of 1951’s Boy’s Ranch #3 but after seeing this Jack Kirby two page splash I suddenly want a copy bad. Ridiculous.

One thing I can tell you is that the old DC Captain Action series from 1968 has not sold well for me over the years, perhaps I should have left them open without bags and boards because Gil Kane’s art inside might have helped sell a few. This splash from Captain Action #2, January 1969.

I found a run of Godzilla I’m going to throw up on eBay next week, here is the splash page for #1 from August 1977.