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Web Arted #282

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last few days: Roth, Tartaglione, Manning, Spicer, Heck, Giacoia, Windsor-Smith, Romita Jr., Williamson
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Of Inks and Jesters

When Gene Colan took over from John Romita in issue 20 of Daredevil he defined the look and style of Daredevil for the next two decades. Over that period of time he had a few different inkers, but early on it…

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It Was A Simpler Time

One of the most ignored Marvel Comics of the Silver Age is Daredevil. Oh he gets a lot of attention for the Frank Miller years, and the “darkening” of the character, Bullseye, Elektra and the Kingpin . But before this…

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