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Fearless Evolution

We're aspiring creatures, all wishing and hoping to reach that next phase in our lives where we meet our potential; where our talents transcend the height of our self-perception. It would appear though that an essential step, one we often miscalculate, is the simple reality that we're not nearly as exceptional as we think we are, that there is always room to improve. And once that's realized, it's then we can begin to grow.
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Indie Comics Feature #1: ‘Teuton’

I love independent comics. It's a sentiment that's grown exponentially over the last 18 months since I've been with Crystal Fractal Comics and have gradually over time come into contact with a number of Toronto-based comic creators, as well as many across the 905 belt.
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Episode 19: Final thoughts on Fan Expo 2012

Sitting back for a moment and really considering this past weekend’s event, it’s difficult to be particularly upset with Hobbystar’s event planning. Despite a Toronto Star report citing the displeasure of several thousand fans who waited in line until 3…

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Just A Thought | Big Sexy Comics

While trolling through artist alley at Fan Expo, I came across Big Sexy Comics. Big Sexy Comics is an independent comic company and their head writer and mastermind happens to be a guy named Fred Kennedy. Many of our Toronto…

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