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YW2? – Amazing X-Men #2

In those good old days they actually fought bad guys, and had adventures, and smiled every once in a while. They even spent time playing the occasional softball game. They don’t have time for softball now, what with all the mass genocide and eviscerating one another with scythes and claws. That’s why I am so crazy about AMAZING X-MEN #2.
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Poor Wolverine

As a boy I never missed the X-Men cartoon every Saturday morning. Compared to the other buttoned-down members of the X-Men, Wolverine was the dynamic anti-hero with a mysterious past. Despite his inner rage and desire for revenge against those…

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Collect This Not That!

Eat This Not That is a popular column in Men’s Health magazine. The authors of the column compare two menu items found in popular restaurants and highlight the nutritionally superior alternative. Now, when I say “nutritionally superior” it’s with a…

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