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Rebel Blood #4

Rebel Blood is one of many zombie based books available for the consumption of horror fans, and considering that, we must ask what differentiates them from each other. Which are good, which are less so; in the end, which are worth our money and which are not? Given the arc of Link and Rossmo's story and its ultimate conclusion, it's very clear Rebel Blood in any incarnation is worth every cent of its price tag.
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Undervalued Spotlight #50

Here’s the thing. I really couldn’t pick one over the other so I’m picking both of these comic books for this week’s Undervalued Spotlight. In January of 1947 Avon Periodicals published Eerie Comics #1. Eerie #1 is credited as being the first true horror comic. Overstreet guide value for Eerie #1 is a healthy $8,200.00. Though the book is also credited as establishing the horror genre it really did not cause an...
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