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Kraven’s Last Hunt

The 80’s was a dark, dark time in comics. Batman and Superman fought it out in the dystopian world of Dark Knight Returns, Alan Moore introduced us to the dystopian world of the Watchmen, and Green Arrow fought rapists and…

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J.M. Dematteis

52 weeks. 52 different writers. 2 trade paperbacks or hardcovers a week. Each week I’ll take a look at a different writer and read two different collected editions from within that person’s repertoire to help in the examination of their work. This week is a peek at the writer J.M. Dematteis.
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Web Arted Jan 13th

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last seven days. The Spirit by Darwyn Cooke. Source. Kraven by Mike Mignola. Source. Powers by Michael Avon Oeming. Source. Secret Avengers cover by Art Adams. Source. Rawhide Kid splash…

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