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“Green-Screened in”

The background in a comic is a place where nothing happens. In comics, a lot of the background space is often sacrificed in order to tell the story with dialog and narration AKA: the words.  The background is also occasionally…

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The Dragon March Mini-Con 2012

Sunday March 4th I had the pleasure of attending The Dragon March Mini-Con in Guelph Ontario. For the occasion The Dragon Comics owner Jennifer Haines brought into her store Francis Manapul, Agnes Garbowska, Marcus To, Marco Rudy, Andy Belanger, Becky…

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Animated Manapul

Renaissance man Francis Manapul can now add television illustrator to his growing résumé.  Murdoch Mysteries is a turn of the (20th) century mystery series set in Toronto Canada focusing on Detective Murdoch and his sleuthing much in the manner of…

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