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Artist’s Edition Index Podcast Episode 7

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word, join me monthly for a look at all things Artist’s Edition: April 2017 Sales Numbers, Out Of Print Sales April 2017, June 2017 Previews, previews of Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor: The Return Of Beta Ray Bill Artist’s Edition and Fantagraphics Studio Editions: Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant & Charles Burns’ Black Hole, and reviews of Deadman: Kelley Jones Gallery Edition and Reed Crandall’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition.
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November 2016 Previews

Diamond has updated Previews World with the November 2016 catalog. Scouring the full list this month shows one new Artist Edition book, advance solicited for March 2017 shipping. For complete details and daily updates visit our AE Index. Reed Crandall’s EC Stories…

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