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Too many conventions, only one Me.

This past weekend was very busy on the comic and geek themed calendar.  Con Bravo was this past weekend in Hamilton, and TFCon (Transformers Convention) in conjunction with the Collectible Toy Expo was in Mississauga.  These were two shows I…

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TFCon Panel: How to get into voice acting

This past weekend was the Transformers Convention (TFCon) and Canadian Collectible Toy Expo in Mississauga.  On Sunday (July 29) the TFCon presented a panel of “How To Get Into Voice Acting”.  The panel included Scott McNeil (X-Men Evolution, Beast Wars,…

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80’s Toy Expo (and TFCon)

This past Sunday, I (and a couple CBD’ers) went to the 80’s Toy Expo in Mississauga.  It was held in conjuction with TFcon (Canada’s Annual Transformer Convention), and it was a very busy convention. Some of the special guests included…

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