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Justice League #6

Justice League and its varying assortment of off-shoot titles has long been considered the flagship title of the DCU, often featuring the biggest heroes DC has to offer. Having been the lead-off title for the company's New 52 initiative, that distinction held true and has remained a top title on Diamond's sales charts since Sept. 2011. The first arc of the Geoff Johns penned series concluded last week with the world's greatest heroes having a final showdown with the dark god himself, Darkseid.
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Review: Detective Comics Annual #12

Writer: David Hine Artist: Agustin Padilla Colourist: Tony Avina Letters: Sal Cipriano Cover: Stanley Lau Publisher: DC Detective Comics Annual #12 is the latest comic in the Batman Inc. story. Let’s have a look. Synopsis With his return to the…

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Review: Return of Bruce Wayne #4

Writer: Grant Morrison Pencils: Georges Jeanty Inks: Walden Wong Colours: Tony Avina There’s something strange, in the neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Bat-Zorro! Welcome to another review of Grant Morrison’s Batman mini-series, The Return of Bruce Wayne. We’re up to…

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