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The Savage Hawkman #7

Hawkman is one of DC's more notable characters that has never quite caught on with comic fans beyond its core base. Most recently Carter Hall figured into the company's Brightest Day maxi-series, before mostly fading to obscurity prior to the "New 52" relaunch in Sept. 2011. Prior to its first issue, the series was touted as featuring Hawkman in a more violent comic with a vicious tone unseen in previous iterations.
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The Fury of Firestorm #5

When DC relaunched its line of comic books in Sept. 2011, a plethora of characters previously without titles were given new life with books of their own. Many of the principle characters featured in Brightest Day have been featured, notably as identical or slightly intensified versions of themselves. In the case of Firestorm title, the writers have had to tackle the issue of including both Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond as the main characters in the book. The effort is additionally problematic considering the fickleness of the Firestorm fan base. This week CBD takes a look at the fifth issue of The Fury of Firestorm.
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Batman Arkham City #2

Last week issue two of the Arkham City mini-series was released. The mini-series, serving as the bridge between the highly successful video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel Arkham City, is five issues long and looks to elaborate on the story after the first game while setting up the conditions for the follow-up. Does the book measure up to the game, or is it just another video game-comic book tie in? Onward!
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