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Undervalued Spotlight #328

Marvel Spotlight #2, Marvel Comics, February 1972 This week’s Spotlight came to me while I was chatting with some friends about Sherlock Holmes. We were talking about the latest BBC TV episodes starring Benedict Cumberbatch (the Marvel Doc Strange). We…

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Undervalued Spotlight #99

Marvel Premiere #28, Marvel Comics, February 1976 Can’t figure out why but I was compelled to a Halloween theme this week. In my Undervalued Spotlight #84 I mentioned the proliferation of horror based characters right after the Comics Code Authority…

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Undervalued Spotlight #84

Amazing Spider-Man #101, Marvel Comics, October 1971 The issue marks the first time Stan Lee did not script Amazing Spider-Man. Stan the Man had his hand in the first 100 but passed the pen to scribe Roy Thomas for this…

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