1. Awesome column.

    Steranko’s amazing because he’s the first artist to really borrow from other artists at the time. He’d draw in Kirby’s Marvel Manner while borrowing Will Eisner’s storytelling techniques, Wally Wood’s lighting and Krigstein’s pacing.

    He’s an amazing artist who really should still be producing work. I wonder what he’s doing nowadays?

    • 9/2/2011

      answer to Peter:
      Cover to Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes. 13 pages of remastered Red Tide chapter 1 in Dark Horse Presents #3. New painting for STAR WARS ART:COMICS. Afterward for Captain America Omnibus. 

        • 9/2/2011

          My understanding is that Jim wants it to be something new and experimental in some fashion, whereas Vanduard basically just wants to put out a standard art book.  Compare Steranko:Graphic Prince of Darkness to Steranko:Arte Noir.  

  2. 9/2/2011

    Except that Marvel has never done Absolute editions, at best you might see an Omnibus of all of Jim’s Marvel work (there’s not that much), but that’s the same hardcover size as the Visionaries book. If Marvel were to start doing Absolute sized books, this is not where the would start – I’d think something like Marvels would top the list.

    • Agreed Kevin, but Absolute-ly is a fanboy wish list to bring the article’s contents to a large format art book. I doubt any of the column’s featured books will ever see this format.

  3. 9/2/2011

    Maybe Dunbier will find enough Steranko OA to do an Artist’s Edition…

  4. That would be great. I’d love to see his pencils..

    Also: Thanks Tony.. I’ll believe Red Tide will be re-released when it’s in my hands though.. been burned too many times in the past now.

    CBD Trivia: This was originally going to be titled ‘Super Size This’ but we thought ‘Absolute-ly’ just sounded better!

  5. Mike Huddleston

    Thank you Scott for posting this excellent report on one of my all time favourite artists Jim Steranko. I can tell you the first copy of his work I picked up (at the bus depot way back when) was Strange Tales #159. I bought it because Captain America was on the cover. I didn’t like Dr. Strange or Nick Fury much back then. When I opened the book I was hooked. I bought the rest of the run and the first 8 issues of Nick Fury. Issue 8 was the last because I found out that Sterenko had left the book, and it just wasn’t the same.

    Less definately isn’t more when it comes to Sterenkos comic work. I wish there had been alot more of it.

    Thanks again,

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