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Artist’s Edition Index Podcast Episode 1

Taking the Artist's Edition Index from print to the spoken word, join me monthly for a look at all things Artist's Edition. This month we take a look at shipping changes, November 2016 Previews solicitations, September 2016 current sales and out of print eBay sales, Jack Kirby Kamandi The Last Boy On Earth Artist’s Edition Volume 2 and Girl Power: Amanda Conner Gallery Edition.
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An Artist’s Edition Index For All Publishers

Being a fan of the artist's edition line from IDW and all the other publishers that have followed, releasing books in the same format, I've started an index of all current and solicited volumes. Please use it as a reference and let me know what other information you'd like to see listed. I own most of these so it's been fairly easy to collect the information, but as more publishers join in information will have to be gathered from solicitations and online reviews.
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Limited Fan Expo Coverage: No Big Deal

I don't believe Fan Expo needs or really wants any press coverage: they have 100,000 or more email addresses of people who attend their show. A built-in captive audience they can sell to whom they know like the product they offer. One free pass means one body in the show who didn't pay and is taking a spot in a packed convention centre that could have been occupied by a paying customer.
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