1. Jeff Seiler

    Good job, Alexa.  It was so much fun hanging out with you and Dave last Thursday.  Wait ’til everyone gets a load of the video we shot.  A comics legend, an ultimate fanboy, and an intrepid young reporter getting thrown out of the lobby of a major downtown Toronto hotel!  And how about all the interruptions and background noise during the interview?  What a day that was!
    Keep up the good work.  I’ll be back.

  2. 7/15/2011

    Thank you Jeff. It was great meeting both you and Dave. I had a wonderful afternoon. Can’t wait to see the footage. Until next time, all the best. Off to the Fortress of Solitude I go to cook up new story ideas!

  3. 7/21/2011

    Great interview.  Thanks for doing it Alexa!
    (and there’s video!?  That should make for great CerebusTV!)

  4. reginald periwinkle

    The video on youtube is set to private. What good is that?

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