1. Walt, the question has been raised in the comments on recent posts as to where or how Overstreet determines comic values.

    As an Overstreet advisor are you asked about sales data?

  2. Tom Berry
    August 1

    I think the Overstreet deserves recognition as “the” standard in comics pricing, while also recognizing the shortcomings. The market will always turbulent – with the possible exception of value placed on the classics – and Overstreet helps to stablize what could become a very unstable market. It provides the best long-term information on comics buying around. If you want to see what’s hot today, log on to ebay. Problem is, it may not be the same tomorrow.

  3. Yes they do ask for sales data. If all the advisors were to submit all their sales data (which they’d have to record through the year) we’d be in better shape. As of now most of us go by memory. They do also ask our opinion of which books should go up and which books should go down. So they do get good data overall but it could be better if we were more diligent and perhaps if they provided an online template that we could enter into throughout the year?

    • Tom Berry
      August 3

      Good idea on the template Walter. I do think the actual numbers would be an improvement.

  4. Tom Berry
    August 3

    Big 10-4 on the stupidity of price variants on Iron Fist and Star Wars. I might add Uncanny X-Men too. That’s an insanity that needs to end. Just don’t get that one.

  5. Dave
    August 12

    Fantastic Four 5 might be a consideration, as could Amazing Spiderman 14. Doctor Doom and the Green goblin are comparable to Lex Luthor and the Joker. Superman #1 was a staement that the Character had made it from a back up feature in Action Comics ! Four reprinted stories, 4 pages not published before and a full page poster on back cover…! 1st pin up in comics ! No wonder it is scarce and Gerbers 6 to Actions comics 7. Thanks for the old comic collecting fun over theyears Walt !

  6. September 13

    I write market reports on the best investment old and new comics at http://www.HoknesComics.com and http://www.InvestComics.com
    My favorite day of the year is when the new Overstreet comes out. My ad is on page 1075. The guide is never perfect but its still the bible when it comes to keeping tracking of everything. I agree many of your thoughts in the column but i’m wondering if you are votes for comics that SHOULD rank higher or lower or based on your own personal taste or actual sales.
    In terms of opinions on the 35 cent variant covers from Marvel I think of them as the limited “variant cover” comparable to todays comics. The difference being that they are all ratio about 1:200 so the question is how much more should they be worth compared to the common regular edition. In most cases I think the variants SHOULD be worth 25x more than the regular edition AS LONG as there is true continued demand for these variants. That seems to be the price difference ratio on modern comics so i dont see why that wouldnt be fair for comics that are almost 40 years old. You can’t appreciate those variants until a person seriously tries to collect them and then you realize how a good chunk of them are impossible to find.
    Superman #1 on one level does seem to be valued too high for how common it is BUT its still a mighty historic book and one of the most classic covers of all time.
    Long term debate about whether AF #15 should/could ever be more valuable than Superman #1 and then the top 3 most popular characters would all make the top 3 most valuable of all time.

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