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  1. Charlie
    June 25

    In anticipation of the upcoming movie, I picked up 3 Cap books over the past couple of years:
    Av#4, CGC 9.0
    Cap#100, CGC 7.0, Signed by Joe Simon
    And most recently, Cap#117, CGC 9.4
    Serious collectors seem to understand the value of #117 but is off the radar of the masses. This may change if the Falcon makes a cameo in the upcoming movie or another future movie.
    I thought I over paid for the Av#4 but according to GPA, the movie has definitely affected this book, which shows a curve that’s rising exponentially…
    Speaking of investments, Frank pointed out that the GL#76, 9.8 from the last CL auction is listed on eBay. As a retailer, I thought you’d be all over opportunities like this… yeah I know, easier said than done. That’s a sweet margin if it sells…

    • I just sent an Avengers #4 to CGC, am told it will be an 8.0. I’m hoping for sunshine in Sarasota the day it arrives and a 9.0. We’ll see. I really like that Cap #117 9.4 of yours. Is it a keeper?

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