1. Mike Huddleston
    August 10

    Leigh I have had the opportunity to pop into this store 3 times over the past 20 years and my expierence there was just about the same as yours every time. An old school store (some may call it a dinosaur)that has a charm all its own. Great post. I see the snow still hasn’t melted in Sudbury yet LOL!!

  2. Mathew
    August 11

    I live in Sudbury and shop at comics north on a regular basis. When I googled comics and Sudbury and I saw this my heart melted, every word is absolutely true about Brad and his shop, no matter how many times I go I always walk out with a smile. Long live Comics North!!

    • August 11

      When I come across a great comic book store I feel that its customers should shout it from the roof tops, and I hope it encourages other comics stores to follow suit

  3. August 13

    If you look a little harder, there are actually two other places that sell back issues, but I remember them being fairly disorganized altogether. They were both more of gaming stores that sold the issues actually, rather than comic shops outright. I lived in Sudbury for 8 months for school about three years ago, so I got my books from Comics North that entire time. It’s a great little store, and I remember Brad giving me directions to the closest grocery stores my first week there. Great guy, great store.

  4. Ray
    November 23

    Andrew is right. There is another comic book store called Adventure ‘n Games. Their focus is more gaming, though they do carry comic books, and will order back issues for you. However, I still do my comic book shopping at Comics North and probably always will. You cannot beat the friendly staff and willingness to help when back issues are needed.

  5. Ron
    February 15

    A little late to post, but I just came back to Sudbury after many years, and I drove by the comic store and there was Brad. So I went in and browsed for old times sake – and Brad actually remembered me (it had been 6 years since I had been in).

    Love this store. To me, it’s a big part of what I remember and love about Sudbury.

    And what everyone is saying about Brad is true: he knows his stuff and is always very genuinely friendly.

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