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Undervalued Spotlight #425

Frisky Animals #52, Star Publications, December 1952. Merry Christmas to all those celebrating this festive day. While I don’t observe the 25th I always seem to find myself caught up in the season, enjoying the festive mood and savouring the…

The Comics Code in 1974

I ran across this great 1974 article reprinted from Inside Comics titled The Comics Code: 20 Years Of Self-Strangulation? It was the comments from Leonard Darvin, who worked for the Comics Code, that struck me. I’ve added his comments in italics,…

1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die

1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die Universe Publishing – General Editor: Paul Gravett – Released: 2011   Coming in at over 900 pages of comics spanning 80+ years, 1001 COMICS YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU DIE is a fantastic reference…

Shaking Things Up at Marvel

The comic book world is still spinning from the news this week that Marvel is shaking things up a bit, and changing some of their major characters. Originally I was going to write this article about the power of Thor being transferred from Thor to a new female character. That is a column within itself. But this week we hear more news that the mantle of Captain America is being passed from Steve Rogers, to his friend and ally Sam Wilson.

How I Got My Job (A Series): Patrick Thorpe

Sadly, this interview wasn't able to happen in person, as Patrick is on the other side of the country in Dark Horse's home town of Portland, Oregon. Instead, we had a little internet back and forth to find out how Thorpe got his position with Dark Horse Comics as an Associate Editor.

A break, A Decision And How I Collect

This past year has been a hectic one for me. Because of all the change in my life, some of my hobbies suffered and that includes comics. So, here I am, at the end of all the craziness and as my focus gets back to what it should be I realize....wow, I have a lot of comics to catch up on. Not having a pull list at my local shop has done some damage, and now my hunt for the issues missing from my collection begins.

For The Love Of Collecting

So how do we make wise decisions as collectors and as businessmen or women? I really don't have a magical answer to that question. I have both bought and sold books, and afterward wondered why I did either, but invariably a lot of it comes down to money. Moulaaah, cash flow! Even if I have a great copy of an issue, when I see one that is a little bit nicer I can justify buying it with no problem whatsoever.

How I Got My Job (A Series): Marcus To

Pie. Oh ya, that is right, this interview starts with pie. I sat down with Marcus To at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in Kensington Market. After picking out our favourite slices, we sat down and chewed on some pie and talked about Marcus’ career.

How I Got My Job (A Series): Ramon Perez

I met with Ramon Perez at the Drake Hotel for a time honoured Toronto tradition, brunch. After ordering and watching Ramon be very charming toward our adorable curly haired waitress, we got down to business and started chatting about Ramon’s career.

How I Got My Job (A Series): Cary Nord

Being a passionate fan of comics, it is only natural to dream and hope that one day you could possibly work in/with them. Well, I might not work in comics, but I do live in a city that allows me to meet and be friends with people who are. My next couple of articles will be a series of interviews with people who work in the comic industry focusing on how they got into the positions they are in today. These people include artists, writers, retailers, editors etc.

Canadian ToyCon – November 2013 Show

The latest edition of the Canadian ToyCon took place recently on November 3rd, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. This show returned to its roots of being a straight up toy show. Without special guests at this show, the focus was on the toys, and there was a lot of selection.

Nerdy Little Secret

Working in the legal industry (my day job) the conversation at events can sometimes be dry and boring (well, at least to me). So one of my favourite questions to ask people is, what are your hobbies? When posed with…

Comic 1 Books storefront. Image courtesy of clearvisionstudios.net

Tom Laing 1949-2013

On Monday May 27th 2013 Tom Laing passed away. That name might not right a bell right away, but he was the owner of Comic 1 Books in Stoney Creek Ontario. I don’t think I ever knew his last name…

MCM London Comic Con

    This weekend is the MCM London ComicCon and I’ve (once again) managed to score myself an invitation… which I’ll be putting to good use on both days. With no Kapow! this year, this really is the best opportunity…