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  1. February 2

    I like the long list of Retailer candidates. We’ve (Big B) dealt with Another Dimension in Calgary many times. Great staff and a deserving store. I’m pulling for my friends at CBA out in Whitby though. Comic Book Addiction is a great shop. Steve, Nick and their crew are doing an amazing job with their store! Good luck to all the shops.

  2. I’d really like to see the initial submission list for the creator awards and the retailer submissions including videos: overall a more transparent nomination and vetting process the public can also experience.

  3. February 2

    As for the retailer award, we follow a process similar to the Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award and receive requests for various stores to be considered throughout the year, and Robert conducts interviews with stores that are posted on the website regularly. Every interview is considered material for review by the Kremer Award Sub-Committee.

    From the press release: “Retailer Award Committee reviews all materials received and select a short list of stores that has shown merit in a variety of categories such as: (1) Support of a wide variety of innovative material, (2) Overall appeal of the store and usage of space, (3) Knowledge, (4) Community activity, and (5) Adherence to standard ethical business practices.”

    We’ll do things like Secret Shop, talk to Diamond, contact people we know in the area for their opinions, etc. A few of our members are well traveled and go out of their way to visit stores when they are on the road.

    Now that 10 stores have been selected, each is being contacted for more information and for store videos (as is done with the Eisners) and based on those submissions and responses, the winner will be selected.

  4. February 2

    The full lists of eligible comics and creators were available on the website during the entire review process (as your editor who participated in the process can attest, as can another of this site’s columnists who sits on the Executive Committee of the Awards Association), and regular updates on the selection process were posted (and linked to on Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to them) about the selection process as they were taking place.

    We won’t be making the balloting a “Survivor-style” process where the public can watch as creators are voted on and off the island, but we’ve gone to some lengths to make the process transparent for anyone that chooses to do a little investigation.

    Plus, we make ourselves available to respond to inquiries if something isn’t clear.

  5. February 2

    I’ve posted some links but they currently await moderation: visit the website – select About Us (top of the page or on the sidebar) to learn about the awards organization and goal. As I pointed out to your query – more information about each category is also available on the top and on the right sidebar “Categories”). On Monday we posted the FULL nominees list of creators suggested by the French and English nomcoms, and also on Monday we posted the full list of Gene Day submissions.

    If you would like to see what retailers didn’t get nominated you can visit the retailer links we have posted for each province. We also have the list webcomics posted as it’s own list.

  6. Thanks for all the feedback Kevin; I apologize for having difficulty navigating the Shuster website and its many nested menus 😉 I approved the comment with your links.

    My comment about transparency was more about the retailer awards; again I apologize for poor phrasing and thank you for making yourself available. I clicked through all the retailer links but you can’t get a sense of the store that way, thus my request for their submitted videos. If the Kramer Award is picked by committee does every committee member go to every nominated store? How are the criteria verified, especially 4 and 5? If secret shoppers and local residents are used how many for each store verify and provide feedback?

    Nomination Process:
    Who composed the 2011 list in step one? I couldn’t locate it on the site. It sounds like a major job to track every comic (print and web) done by a Canadian comics creator, especially small press. Is it based on your shipping posts done on the site?

  7. February 2

    Was it really? Well, as I indicated in my reply, there were no retailer videos, that’s for the next round of decision-making. Basically we reviewed each website, looked over the interviews done on our site (we do have a selection menu that allows you to search for posts tagged ‘Retailer’), looked at the stores that people suggested to us, and then made our short lists and discussed them (similar to every other award category).

    I would say that step 1 is identifying stores based on 1-3 or 4 if it was obvious what they were doing (such as last year’s winner The Beguiling), while in step 2 we ask them to tell us more about their store and how they feel they meet all of the criteria. However, something that might cause a store to be disqualified initially for 5) would be breaking street dates on an early shipped release. We had two this year that did that, and that was verified with multiple sources. We have no reason to release that information to the public because we are not here to identify the worst stores, just some of the best.

    As thanked in the credits of the press release posted on our site, Jason Truong did the majority of the verification of the English releases and Laurent Boutin did the same for the French releases. However we did receive some updated information from publishers, retailers and the creators themselves. The shipping lists are the just the first step in the process.

  8. February 2

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