TCC 2012: Saturday Photo Parade

Hollow Ichigo - Bleach


Harley Quinn


Matt Murdock


The Spoiler


Lord of the Rings


Tank Girl


Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid; Yuzuki and Chi - Chobits


Doctor Who


Homestuck (webcomic)


Happy - Fairy Tail






Bleach Cosplay




Monkey D. Luffy


Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon


The Dark Knight


Amy Pond


Sarah Jane Smith






Strawberry Shortcake


Fable video game


Cross-Dessing Ceil Phantomhive - Black Butler and Pikachu




For photo set in Flickr, click here.

All photos courtesy of Stanley Jon.

Stanley Jon Written by:

Stanley Jon has loved comics since he was a kid. He started collecting when he got his first job. Currently, his reading taste is very diverse. Basically, he will read anything that looks interesting.

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