Happy Star Wars Day! (Art Roundup) May04

Happy Star Wars Day! (Art Roundup)

It’s May 4th, which means it’s Star Wars Day! (As in “May the 4th be with you”? get it, get it?) Here’s a pic dump of a whole lot of Star Wars inspired art! Enjoy!

Suddenly/Maybe… | I’m Full of Questions

Pete talks about his biggest shame as a Paul Pope fan, his love of Brian McLachlan, showcases Derek Charm’s Hanna Barbera Seven Soldiers and babbles about Audrey Hepburn’s body type. (It. Gets. Weird.)

Suddenly/Meanwhile… | We Poppupians Have No Names!

Two Items of Awesomeness Through TUMBLR! First we Have Dan Hipp (Amazing Joy Buzzards and Gyakushu!) showing us what Shadowlands could have been had it not been hampered by Billy Tan’s art. And then the lovely Gail Simone lets us know just who the best father in the DC Universe...

GYAKUSHU!3 is here (kind of, sort of, almost..) Jan05

GYAKUSHU!3 is here (kind of, sort of, almost..)

Gyakushu was a TokyoPop series of graphic novels. But after the publisher’s retrenchment, creator Dan Hipp decided to put all three volumes, including unpublished work, online. That’s well over six hundred pages of spaghetti western sword fights and misery porn, available next week, for free....

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