C.B. Daily Jan 9th Jan09

C.B. Daily Jan 9th

Points of interest from the comics interweb; I sort the chaff so you get the wheat. Wheat-tastic.

Just A Thought | 2011 and Beyond

Last week I took a look at my favorite comics of the year and the normal thing to do at this point is to crack into the worst of last year…except honestly there wasn’t a lot of bad I actually read last year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there was a ton of crap out...

Cover for Incognito Season Two! May14

Cover for Incognito Season Two!

Over on his blog, artist Sean Phillips teases the next Incognito series by posting a cover sketch for the first issue. The follow-up to Phillips and writer Ed Brubaker’s Eisner-nominated series is actually subtitled “Bad Influences,” Brubaker said on Twitter, saying it was...

Incognito to Appear On The Big Screen Apr30

Incognito to Appear On The Big Screen

It appears that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ “Incognito” is headed for the big screen. The critically-acclaimed, Eisner-nominated miniseries published under Marvel’s Icon imprint has been optioned for a feature film by 20th Century Fox, reports the Deadline Hollywood...

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