Good Story Telling Trumps The Art Any Day

I’ve come to the conclusion that, as much as I love good comic art, it’s good writing that keeps me coming back for more.

The Savage Hawkman #7 Apr02

The Savage Hawkman #7

Hawkman is one of DC’s more notable characters that has never quite caught on with comic fans beyond its core base. Most recently Carter Hall figured into the company’s Brightest Day maxi-series, before mostly fading to obscurity prior to the “New 52″ relaunch in Sept. 2011. Prior to its first issue, the series was touted as featuring Hawkman in a more violent comic with a vicious tone unseen in previous iterations.

Detective Comics #6 Feb07

Detective Comics #6

After a tour of duty on Batman with Dick Grayson as the man behind the cowl, Daniels returned to the Dark Knight’s world in writing Detective Comics. Not with Bruce Wayne firmly entrenched as the undisputed caped crusader, Daniels’ run has hit its stride after five issues. This week Comic Book Daily takes a look at issue six of Tony Daniels’ take on Bruce Wayne and the world of Batman.

DC 52 Panel – Robinson helmed JSA title announced Aug28

DC 52 Panel – Robinson helmed JSA title announced

DC held a panel on Aug. 27 focusing on the DC 52 relaunch, where creators talked about their work, while new projects were also unveiled.

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