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This feature will analyse the happenings and the trends of the back issue comic book market. Look for various contributors to chime in.

The Dreaded 6.5

ComicLink just sold a CGC 6.5 Action Comics #1 for $625,000.00 Here is the press release; ComicLink President Josh Nathanson is reporting the recent sale of an Action Comics #1 in CGC 6.5 for $625,000. This is the highest sale…

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Atlas Comics to Rise Again

I am one happy comic book camper. A while back in my Undervalued Spotlight #25 I argued that the Atlas/Seaboard run of comics and magazines from the mid 1970s were all overlooked and undervalued as collectibles. Yes I know that none of the 23 titles lasted more than 4 issues...
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Market Trends September 2009’s first look at market trends will examine the growing influence the CGC Census is having on what graded comics are selling for. There is now a very large and very liquid trading arena for graded collectible comics. The internet has…

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