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Crash 2!

The story so far: The 2 man crew of the Dionysious, a liqour cargo ship, crash lands on a nondescript planet. The captain is killed leaving the lone survivor, Derrick Keen, to fend for himself. After wallowing in self pity,…

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Crash 2!! Coming Soon

When last we spoke… I was just finishing up Galloway Park #4 and was planning a 100 page Galloway Park graphic novel. A funny thing happened along the way though, I was taking a break from character studies and reference…

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Celerity Page 13

    “First race in GR107 sees an almost fatal crash on the winding, city streets of Rome.” “Fresh calls for Grand Racing to be axed.”   “Environmentally unfriendly GRA cause massive rift in global economy.” “Should sport be made to stage…

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