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“First race in GR107 sees an almost fatal crash on the winding, city streets of Rome.”

“Fresh calls for Grand Racing to be axed.”  

“Environmentally unfriendly GRA cause massive rift in global economy.”

“Should sport be made to stage human loss of life?”

By Daily Circus  reporter – Jesse Reid
updated: 05:37, Sun 28th august 2016
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GR107’s race directors were heavily criticised today for their clumsy understanding of “environmentally friendly racing vs entertainment” following the opening race in GR107.  Environmental activist groups and  a number of political figures were quick to vocalise their concerns that Grand Racing is obviously harming our planet in more ways than one and should be abolished.  This inevitable protest came before  the near-fatal ‘racing incident’ involving all 12 racers.

Celerity’s controversy stricken racer: Aziza required emergency assistance mid-race, from both doctor and mechanic following a strange incident from 1st position near the Colosseo in the 2nd sector.  Both medical and mechanical support was provided remotely and remarkably… no one was seriously hurt.  No doubt, this was just the first of many potentially race-ending incidents in 107 and while this could further damage Aziza’s reckless reputation among his peers, it will no doubt redeem mechanic: Barbarossa from her alcohol fuelled GRA Prom.

The police investigation into allegations that racer: Aziza was involved in the organized robbery of 5 major jewellery stores prior to his enrollment in the GRA is on-going and may result in his arrest upon returning home from GR107.   Aziza has unofficially pleaded innocent to the charges.

Grand race directors are ironically labelling the first race a “glorious success” despite the expected and glaring outrage from some regarding the overwhelming environmental issues and cost.  More of the same could  generate an increased interest in the actual racing vs previous GR outings.  Stay tuned for the controversy if nothing else.

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Rapidity; swiftness; speed; from latin – celeritās

1. Rapidity in moving, going, travelling, proceeding, or performing; swiftness.

2. Full, maximum, or optimum rate of motion.

3. To cause to move, go, or proceed with speed…



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