Amazing Spider-Man #141, Marvel Comics, February 1975 – Artist: John Romita.

You guys snubbed me on Day 139 for a cover featuring Scooby’s villains well I’m here to redeem myself with a great John Romita Spidey cover featuring a nice array of villains.

I love the softness of those well done Funny Animal covers and Four Color #141 is a great example of a beautiful cover. Invisible large hand alert on Forbidden Worlds #141.

Mom and daughter competing again on Girls’ Romances #141 and that JLA #141 looks like an X-Men Sentinels cover.

Second place today went to George Perez’s Green Lantern #141.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.