Covered 365: Day 170

Four Color #170, Eastern Color, November 1947, Artist: Harvey Eisenberg .

Have a good look at this Four Color #170 cover! Fantastic work and composition from Mr. Eisenberg. The mood and lighting are perfect, the fear in their eyes, the tension in Mickey’s step, this is they type of quality art found on many funny animal covers that for some reason are being ignored by fans.

Any for those worried about falling quality I say have a good look at this small sampling of #170 covers, see the pics below. Adventure Comics #170, is that a DC Romance? Where are Superboy’s tears? Little Lulu #170 is a great Halloween issue. Young Romance #170 is definitely going my way.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. I will buy that your pick beats Thor, but I think Thor beats your runners-up, which are all admittedly good (I would not say great). I do especially like the Adventure but in the way that one might like a certain episode of Ozzie & Harriet – pleasant and nostalgic, but again not “great”.

    Issue #171 has restored my faith (for now). Many choices and no clear winner. My pick is Batman. Infantino finally delivers something unique and timeless, helped by the colors (background plus my favorite green Batman title), and a key book to boot.

    Avengers is a really great Perez cover following on the one mentioned a few days ago; Daredevil might not be truly “great” but it really delivers on a comic booky level; I really wanted to choose Incredible Hulk as Walt convinced me to get a super high grade copy of this issue; Laugh’s composition is so perfect that you can feel the pain; Superboy and Superman Family are both possible picks and possible JOWAs (and Superboy is another Infantino, to again note my total objectivity); Thor is one in a line of great Kirby covers; World’s Finest is one of my favorites from the Batman/Superman run; and Wonder Woman (1987) is a striking referential cover by Hughes.

    Phew. I will award the #171 JOWA to New Funnies. Ha ha ha Woody is out on a hunt but is a bird too, so the dog treed him. Wait what? What are he and Andy hunting with their shotguns? Their funny animal friends? The more you think about the setup, the more grotesque it becomes.

  2. Not only are all the covers are terrific, but the colors are incredible. Pre 1980 books had better colors I think. . I cant say one is better then the other. Beautiful choices Walt.

  3. Love this cover. I know the ducks get most of the funny animal love but there are plenty of others as well such as this one! While I do have some Disney and Warner characters in my collection I am also considering adding some Frisky Animals with the L. B. Cole covers as well ( I will consider it part if my Cole collection)! As for Chris’s take on the JOWA for tomorrow… I am still getting my head wrapped around Woodies arms and legs… pun intended!

  4. I didn’t see this selection coming, but now that the cover is front of me I have to agree. Great choice, Walt. And the description you offered perfectly describes the merits of the cover as it just fills the entire page.

    I also liked your honorable mention choices, but have to agree with Chris that Thor #170 was the likely runner-up.

    Also, thought there were some other nice covers including:

    – Superman (1987) #170 – really cool “Beware of Dog” Krypto cover.

    – Conan #170 – Finally a worthy Conan cover.

    – Daredevil #170 – Maybe not great, but I just liked the scene.

  5. I was wondering Walt, if going your way Lily was a reoccurring character? She leaves some of the Super heroines in the dust!

  6. After reading the synopsis provided by gorilla daze, thank you Chris, it’s hard to believe all that inuendo slipped past the comics code! Walt, while I dislike most things Disney, except the Marvel stuff o’course, I have to admit that’s a fine cover choice.

  7. Great Mickey cartoon, such fluid line, looks like it’s about to move. Excellent mood and colour.

    I’m enjoying the variety of styles of the artists your showcasing here.

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