Covered 365: Day 185

Avengers #185, Marvel Comics, July 1979. Artist: George Perez.

There was a lot to like on Day #185, tops on my list is Perez’s powerful rendering on Avengers #185.

I can’t seem to get enough Gil Kane lately, have a look at how good his cover to Captain America #185 is.

Speaking of I can’t get enough, John Buscema is at it again on Thor #185.

Hey, Flash #185 happens when you accidentally stroll into an Antifa rally.

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never held a copy of Detective Comics #185! Wonder Woman has the rare distinction of having a great Silver Age #185 and a great Modern Age #185.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. When I looked ahead I saw this Perez cover but wondered if it were too murky and not enough story. The Kane Cap is definitely dynamic but I never thought Gil could render the Skulls….errrr skull as well as Kirby or Romita or others. In the 60’s if Marvel seemed to be catering to the youth movement then DC seemed to be closer to the establishment, and this cover would convince me of it! I also saw that Adam Hughes Wonder Woman cover and was quite impressed so thats where my vote goes!

  2. Sorry… the Marvel vs DC reference was directed toward the Flash cover… which I must say was rendered well!

  3. On that Flash cover, I find it funny for the ‘stamp out violence’ sign being held up, while they’re beating (and eating) the crap out of the Flash. I see that girl is grabbing a ‘quick’ bite. Would this cover being depicting the world’s first ‘flash’ mob? Sorry, I’m in a puny mood today.

  4. The synopsis of the Flash issue Threat of the High-Rise Buildings!”: After the Eiffel Tower is yanked into space, Barry Allen, vacationing in Paris, goes into action as the Flash to stave off an alien invasion.

    However I don’t get that its Paris on this cover… but I am sorry to say I haven’t read it so there may be more to the story…

  5. Disagree on the pick, like Gerald says murky, and a standing around cover. Agreed nice work by Kane on the Captain America but too crowded, and all the green uniforms blend together.

    I can’t find anything for #186 that I would call “great”. I can only pick a favorite. My bias makes me pick Action, but I could imagine others picking Thor. I wouldn’t really pick Avengers but I would certainly pick it over #185, particularly for Byrne’s homage to the JLA picture frame covers. Batman is really disturbing but I think you have to say it is pretty good. The Flash is also very disturbing but since it doesn’t have any action I’m on the fence. I love the art for World’s Finest but hate the premise (standing around, yet another courtroom scene, albeit in the 17th century).

    We might be inclined to give the JOWA to Strange Adventures, but because it’s admittedly strange I think it gets a pass. Instead I think we can make the unusual choice of G. I. Combat, which has the Haunted Tank guys doing their Blackhawk impression.

  6. While I am always a sucker for golden age books Chris, I would like to throw into the ring House of Mystery 186…it has the Innocence in the face of the fantastic quality the reminds me if Ray Bradbury for some reason.

  7. Thats as good a reason as any Derrick… however using that logic Walt should have picked Captain Canuck on Monday!

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