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Week 46: Here To There

I tried an image association game this week, I started with the Marc Silvestri piece and let my mind take me somewhere, I’d go looking there and find another piece and then repeated the exercise several more times until I…

Week 5: Freestyling

No theme this week, I’m free styling and I like the result. Darwyn Cooke was a breath of fresh air, his New Frontier art knocked everybody’s socks off but I’ve always liked his work on The Spirit, a beautiful homage…

Covered 365: Day 259

Blackhawk #259, DC Comics, June 1983, Artist: Howard Chaykin. I’m super impressed by Howard Chaykin’s cover to Blackhawk #259, I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t even aware of this cover, now I want one. David Yardin endlessly impresses me…

Covered 365: Day 200

Avengers #200, Marvel Comics, October 1980. Artist: George Perez. Here we are at another milestone, Day 200! This project has been so eye-opening, making me look at all covers way more closely than I did in the past. DC Comics…

Covered 365: Day 196

Our Army At War #196, DC Comics, August 1968. Artist: Joe Kubert. Did Joe Kubert gives us a powerful political message with his cover to Our Army at War #196? In the fall of 1968 the United States was convulsing…

Covered 365: Day 185

Avengers #185, Marvel Comics, July 1979. Artist: George Perez. There was a lot to like on Day #185, tops on my list is Perez’s powerful rendering on Avengers #185. I can’t seem to get enough Gil Kane lately, have a…

Web Arted #321

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last few days: Barreto, Fernandez, Cowan, Sienkiewicz, Perez, Timm, Colan, Palmer.

Web Arted #316

A gathering of wonderful art spotted by yours truly these last few days: Jones, Gaudiano, Lark, McLeod, Perez, Manco, Kayanan.

Time Capsule: DC Releases March ’88

A continued look at pre-internet publisher’s comics solicitations, this time DC Releases March 1988. Blackhawk by Howard Chaykin premieres with a mini-series, poster and t-shirt. Wonder Woman gets a massive poster. The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told hardcover is announced along with Superman 3-D. Plus Cinder And Ashe!

Marv Wolfman

52 weeks. 52 different writers. 2 trade paperbacks or hardcovers a week. Each week I’ll take a look at a different writer and read two different collected editions from within that person’s repertoire to help in the examination of their work: Marv Wolfman.